The HQ Story

The Story of HQ Dobermans

 HQ Dobermans began with an incredible bitch named Shelane’s Ah Desiree
(Desi) & an "itch" to train & show a Champion. As I trained & showed my
pet Dobermans I watched countless hours of utility & breed classes. To
me, there was no dog that could compete with the beauty, elegance, &
intelligence of a Doberman! I wanted to own, train, & breed Dobes that
could "do it all".

 I began my search for the "perfect" puppy and finally selected an 8
week old black bitch with Zeitlin/Marienburg lines. Driving home in the
dark, with the poor pup getting carsick, I agonized whether I had
chosen "the right one". When we arrived, Desi trotted right into my
barn, parked herself next to a 1200 pound horse standing in the aisle,
& looked around as if to say "OK, you’re an odd looking group but I
guess you’re my new pack". I knew then that Desi had the attitude &
resilience that personified a champion.

 I showed Desi in the breed ring & she received points from the puppy
classes but obedience work was what really challenged her & brought out
her fire. I was training under Audrey Van Beck & one day she mentioned
that she liked to train 2 dogs at the same time. Audrey was training
Top 20 Obedience Dobermans! I jumped at the opportunity & asked Audrey
if she would like to put some titles on Desi. Under Audrey’s tutelage,
Desi demonstrated the drive, intelligence & precision of the working
Doberman. She earned her CD, CDX & Utility titles in one year & went
Top 20 Obedience in 1994. It was a joy to watch Audrey and Desi work, but
I wanted her home & so I retired her. In Desi, I had the attitude,
intelligence & conformation of the working dog. I planned to cross her
with the best American bloodlines to produce my "dream" Doberman.

 I looked for a dog that would represent excellence in the breed ring &
again I was extremely lucky to be introduced to Barb & Dave Goldfein.
They had bred their multi best-in-show bitch Ch Rahdy’s Sable V Deserae
to Ch Brunswig’s Cryptonite and had a male puppy available. At 4 months
of age, "Spanky" came home with me. He had a gorgeous head, his body
square with round bone, & his movement looked like he floated on air.
Spanky was very people-oriented, loved kids & stuffed animals. I showed
him in breed & obedience classes & when he retired, Spanky had become
Ch UCD Rahdy’s Safari Sun CD/CDX/ROM/CGC/TDI/WAC.

 Desi was bred to Spanky 3 times. Audrey took a red bitch from the first
litter & several years later HQ Dobermans had its first obedience
champion – OTCH U-UD HQ Murphy Brown UDX/WAC Top 20 Obedience 1997-2001.
Audrey also took a bitch from the second litter. "Cat" grew up to be
U-UD HQ’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof UDX Top 20 Winner in 2001 and
finalist in 2002-04. I never dreamed I would see two of my Dobes in
the Top 20 at the same time. The #2 litter also produced 2 breed
champions: Ch HQ Samson Agonistes WAC, & Ch HQ Apache Shaman TDI/CGC.
"Shaman" sired MACH HQ’s I’m Believer MX/MXJ Top 20 Agility 2008-09. Litter
#3 yielded Ch HQ Desert Rose CGC/TDI & Ch HQ Belle Starr, grandmother
of "Joy" one my current bitches. The bloodlines were producing the
breed, obedience & agility champions I dreamed of.

 Desi was bred outside the kennel once. I took her to Ch Casino’s
Baccarat, who I chose for his working heritage and longevity.
I kept a black bitch puppy from the litter - HQ Exclusive Asset (Clue).
Clue was bred to Abadie’s Total Indulgence (Logan) & produced
Ch HQ Dinah Flo (Dinah), my current red bitch. I then took Clue to
AM/Can/Int’l Ch Aeolus Arabian Knight WAC/CGC/TDI. From that litter, I
have Ch HQ Ryder of the Knight Wind (Ryder) & Ch HQ Midknight Lace WAC
(Lacey), who, along with Joy & Dinah comprise HQ Dobermans today.

 For those of you that have an HQ Dobe & those of you that are
considering joining the family, I’ve tried to summarize the thought &
care that went into producing a Doberman that will be your companion &
pride & joy for a long time. The names & letters can be overwhelming,
but I include them in hope that you will use them as a reference while
browsing the website. I feel that it is important for me to pursue proven
bloodlines, certifications & titles as assurance of the caliber of HQ Dobermans.